Disclosure of information

Transparency legislation (A. 2/5/2007)

  • Law of  2 May 2007 on the disclosure of major holdings in issuers whose shares aer admitted for trading on a regulated market, and laying down miscellaneous provisions (“A”).
  • Belgian Royal Decree of 14 February 2008 on the disclosure of major shareholdings (RD”).

Disclosure of information

Basic facts in accordance with article 15 A. § 1, (1)
Total capital                                                                      EUR 64 193 915,72
Total number of securities with voting rights              36 619 505
Total number of voting rights (the denominator)        36 619 505

Additional information in accordance with article 15 A. § 1, (2)
Total number of securities with voting rights in convertible bonds                          none
Total number, whether embodied in securities or not, of rights to
subscribe to  securities with voting rights still to be issued                                     none
Total number of voting rights that can be obtained by exercising the
conversion or subscription rights                                                                        none
Total  number of  shares without voting rights                                                    none

Tresholds provided in the Articles of Association in accordance with article 18 A. § 1, (3)
Under article 9b of the Articles of Association, each physical person or legal entity that acquires securities with voting rights of the Company, will notify the Company and the FSMA concerning the number and percentage of the existing voting rights that it holds following the acquisition, when the voting rights linked to the securities with voting rights reach a holding of 3%, 5% or a multiple of 5% of the total number of the existing voting rights.