Core activities

The world of smartphoto

Our mission at smartphoto still is to help socially active young mums and families create and give affordable, high-quality personalised products using smart and simple apps and websites.

We want everyone to enjoy their family photos again and again. We only deem our mission successful when you can transform your pictures into unique personal products without too much effort. Inspiring is very important to us, because we know how busy everyone is and how
little time there is left to create personalised products.

Therefore our motto is ‘’, and every day we look for better solutions so you can enjoy your pictures or your favourite products which you personalised with a nice text or personal quote, in different, fun ways.
We are passionate about your pictures!

Day after day, we try to find smart ways to help you get the most out of those special moments in life.
Our products therefore have to be affordable, of high-quality, but also offer solutions for your daily needs.

We also make it simple for everyone to enjoy their pictures by making sure that designing your product on our website is as simple as possible. For example, we pay a lot of attention to the speed of our websites, their accessibility from all kinds of devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC), and we continuously expand our product range, as well as our designs and models, so you are sure to find something you like.

We are only satisfied when we have brought a smile to your face as you rediscover your pictures or personal text or quotes on all kinds of products.
We therefore believe that our products should not only be fun to make (no menus, software to be installed or difficult choices), they should also be fun to receive and share. We also like to inspire you to get more out of your pictures. We do this not only through the increasing range of our products, but also through our blog where you can find a lot of creative ideas, tips & tricks and a lot of inspiration.

The widest choice of (photo)products
On the smartphoto website you can find over 500 different products, which are fully hosted on the Google Cloud platform. This increases our scalability, which enables us to handle the many peaks throughout the year even more easily and further increases our data security level.7

Every year, an average of 50 new products are added, ranging from completely new products to new variants of existing products.

In 2021, the new product category ‘Smart2Give personalisable gift boxes’ was launched, and already offers a choice of different packages: the gift package Apero Gin (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), the gift package Granola, the gift package Bubbles, and two variants of the gift package Relax (cotton green or terracotta). Each gift package contains 1 product you can personalise completely according to your wishes, such as gin glasses, champagne flutes, storage jars in the breakfast gift package, or a glass perfume diffuser in the relax packages. Of course, you can just buy a present, but a gift package that you can personalise and is completely ready to give, is extra fun!

In 2021, our collection of pet gifts was also further expanded in order to create nice personalised accessories for both pet and owner, featuring your favourite pictures of your pet.

Not only new products were launched, but also a whole series of new theme designs, which can be used in our webshop for a lot of popular products and, of course, also for the latest products from the pet shop.

Oops, made a typo?
We offer free reprints. That is how far we go!

We want to keep our customers happy, so even if you made a typo, you can make your product again for free, thanks to our smart guarantee!

Because your product should look exactly the way you imagined it. You trusted us with your most beautiful memories, so you definitely deserve the best possible product as a result. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will make sure you can be.

After all, we are only satisfied when you are!

Fast delivery
We also guarantee the fastest delivery: your pictures are sent to our printers as soon as you place your order. Thanks to our central location in Belgium, we are able to deliver your parcel very quickly, so it reaches you in no time. And there you go, enjoy!

Each product is unique and produced within an average of 48 hours. We ship more than 2 million parcels a year with up to 40 000 items on peak days during the Christmas period! We deliver throughout Europe at lightning speed, within a few days after production.

It has happened to each and every one of us that we have to look for a gift at the last minute. When there is little time left to come up with a personalised gift, we tend to choose a less original one. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, but it can be different! Smartphoto
offers you the opportunity to design a nice personalised photo gift today, and to have it delivered tomorrow!

In 2021, we have further expanded this possibility of super fast delivery “Ordered today, delivered tomorrow”, both in terms of countries as in number of products. We managed to deliver at least 48 different products at home within 1 day. Knowing that each product has to be made individually for our customers before it can be shipped, this can be called a real masterpiece. And in 2022, we will of course continue this trend!

A real e-commerce company
Smartphoto is an innovative e-commerce company.

We feature in the top 10 e-commerce companies in Belgium (across all sectors). Furthermore, we received the BeCommerce Award Best Website in our category 4 times in a row and in 2021 we won the BeCommerce Advertising Award. We were also the winner of a SafeShops Award in 2021, for the fourth time in a row.

We are also in the top 5 photo e-commerce websites in Europe with over 1 million unique visitors per month, sometimes peaking at 2 million.
Our local teams in Hengelo, Pratteln and Malmö provide customer service and marketing assistance, so we can be closer to our customers.

In a few years, we have switched from prints to a full e-commerce site. The market in which we operate has evolved from ‘prints that you needed to have printed’ in the analogue period to ‘printing as added value’ for our customers.

Customers are ordering more and more using their mobile devices. In some countries, mobile purchases, in the meantime, account for over half of all orders. This is only possible because of our strong focus on mobile, both in terms of websites and product development.

One of the main improvements in 2021 is a much improved mobile creator, which allows you to easily personalise and order your product via your smartphone, without getting stuck or experiencing problems. You can even personalise a puzzle via your mobile phone.

The three pillars on which we further develop our future are therefore: more and more mobile, even more personalised and even faster delivery. In 2022 we will continue to further ensure to do so in the most optimal and cost-efficient way.

In this process, the quality of your product remains essential, this is something we take very seriously at smartphoto. Taking care of each product as a unique item is something that is embedded in the minds of our production staff.

Due to the additional factory, which is fully operational as from the third quarter of 2020, we are able to invest in state-of-the-art machinery. We did this, more than ever, in 2021. We invested in new printers and machines to print, package and deliver your products to your home at the best quality.

Our packaging also got a new look so that we now can send all products in a recognisable way.
And a new packaging machine ensures that the new packaging is always adapted to the size of
the product, in order we can also send our packages in a sustainable way. In addition, the new
packaging is extra solid which ensures safe transport.

More focus on the customer and a more human smartphoto in this digital world
We are an emotional company. We ‘work’ with photo products and we are passionate about it.
We believe in the power of dialogue with you, our customers, and we want to meet your needs more and more.

At smartphoto, smiling is the essence of our existence. We are obsessed with satisfied customers.
As a ‘Great Place to Work’ we aim for happy employees. We are a human company, without any big noises. A company where direct contact with our customers is valuable, and where we appreciate our colleagues. This is how we take care of a smile going from one person to another, ‘smile by smile’.

By analysing our NPS (Net Promoter Score), we measure what you, as our customer, really want, and what we can do to make our service even better. We carefully read all your feedback, so we can do something about it. This is the real power of improvement!

Furthermore, the many positive reactions confirm that we do the right thing at smartphoto.
That we succeed in bringing people a little closer to each other when so many other things in the world seem to divide us.


The world of Nayan

On December 2, 2021, smartphoto group acquired 100% of the shares of Frucon² NV. The company, operating under the brand name Nayan, is located in Ardooie, Belgium, and is one of the market leaders in e-commerce distribution in Europe by offering a unique ‘e-commerce
as a service’ (EAAS) for international brands looking for growth, and the sale to companies of personalised gift packages with chocolate, alcohol, fruit or flowers through websites such as and The operational activities mainly consist of B2B (Business-to-Business).

By merging the business activities of Nayan with smartphoto, Nayan’s knowledge of the market of giftings, its customer focus and e-commerce know-how is combined with smartphoto’s knowledge of consumers, technology, marketing and production of personalised products. The combination of these strengths allows smartphoto as a group to be taken to a new level.

At Nayan, we are an international team of omnichannel specialists, dedicated to help brands sell directly to their end-consumers. As an entrepreneurial and ambitious team, we use our knowledge and experience to generate data-driven, sustainable and profitable growth for the
brands with whom we work. In an increasingly complex world, our business model is refreshingly simple: we only grow when you grow. Our model allows us to build and manage digital marketing, sales and customer service solutions for premium consumer brands. By combining the right people, technology and operational processes, we provide brands direct access to their end consumers, across any channel, in an entirely scalable way.

In addition to this ‘e-commerce a service’, through, we also offer companies additional services such as individual or grouped delivery of large quantities of gifts, personalised packages and gifts and complete loyalty programs for customers or employees, and send these in Belgium or across Europe.

Our team of specialists is continuously looking for new ideas to provide our customers with extraordinary experiences. They closely monitor the market trends and continuously look for innovating gift ideas.

After all, we want nothing less than to exceed the customers’ expectations. In addition to our wide range of gift packages, we also offer customised business gifts. This way, you can compose your own package according to your wishes and budget. As an extra, we can wrap each gift with a personalised ribbon and gift message including your company logo. Thanks to our personal approach and excellent service, we are a unique player on the market.

So it’s clear that there are a lot of new and exciting things to look forward to in 2022 as well. For smartphoto, there are again many new products scheduled, and we are determined to make the webshop experience even better and more pleasant. And by including Nayan in the smartphoto
family, we can continue to grow as a leading company for personalised products in Europe.