Smartphoto group acquires TopFanZ

Halen, Friday 31 May 2024 – 05.45 p.m.
smartphoto group – Euronext Brussels: SMAR

Smartphoto group NV, the innovative e-commerce group and European player in personalised products, is pleased to announce the acquisition of TopFanZ, Belgian market leader with European ambition in merchandising for the sports and entertainment sector.

TopFanZ, based in Halen, Belgium, offers total solutions in merchandising and brand activation for its customers and their fans. They offer full-service merchandising partnerships, including marketing support, in addition to product procurement and e-commerce support. In the last financial year, the company achieved a turnover of around 5 million euro. Smartphoto group expects TopFanZ to make a positive contribution to the group results already in 2024.

With this acquisition, smartphoto’s expertise in personalised product production, technology and marketing, together with naYan’s customer focus and e-commerce know-how, can be leveraged to further growth of TopFanZ by offering even more on-demand products and services to their existing and new customers. We will also expand the concept to other European countries.

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