smartphoto group – 2022 annual results – smartphoto group again grows strongly in turnover and profitability – Dividend proposal

PRESS RELEASE – Regulated information

Wetteren, 3 March 2023 – 07.20 a.m.
smartphoto group – Euronext Brussels: SMAR

  • Increase in revenue from 63.1 million euro in 2021 to 76.3 million euro in 2022 (+21.0%).
  • EBITDA increases from 10.2 million euro in 2021 to 13.0 million euro in 2022 (+27.3%).
  • With a turnover of 15.5 million euro and an EBITDA of 2.7 million euro, the B2B division (naYan) also contributes to the group’s growth and profitability from the first full year.
  • Net result amounts to 5.5 million euro in 2022 and thus remained stable compared to 2021.
  • Increase in net cash of 2.2 million euro (+13.7%) from 16.2 million euro in 2021(1) to 18.4 million euro in 2022, and this notwithstanding the dividend payment, the further purchase of treasury shares and continued investment in growth.
  • As the group is significantly stronger due to the successful integration of naYan, proposal to pay a gross dividend for 2022 of 1 euro per share (or an increase of 53.8%).

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